Reflections Dunn on Canvas
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About the Artist

Jean was born and raised in Michigan. Her love for the outdoors began at an early age when her family moved to Woodland Lake. There she also learned to fish and hunt. Jean raised two sons and taught them to appreciate the outdoors too.

Jean began oil painting at the age of 12 and took lessons in High School and also later on from Marion Zoner in Milford, Michigan for 20 years. Marion Zoner was a great teacher as she taught how to paint what you see and to put feelings into the colors. Jean also has a degree in Illustration and Graphic Advertising Design. This helps her with color application and composition.

Her favorite medium is oils but she also uses acrylics and watercolors.

In composing a picture, many things come into play to depict it true to life. To list a few: photography, species of plants or animals, correct time of the year, experience, cutting sprigs of plants and finding other related factors such as feathers to depict true characteristics and colors.

Moving to Saskatchewan has given Jean a wealth of knowledge in woodlore, beautiful lakes, variety of animals and terrain.

Jean and her husband Dan share the same interests. They spend a lot of time in the out of doors fishing, hunting, photography and observing.

Dan says "Jean is like a child in a candy shop when it comes to observing wildlife, beautiful sunrises or sunsets. She could spend hours watching the colors materializing in the skies."

Jean and Dan started "Reflections Dunn on Canvas" in the late summer of 1999. Productions began with printing and later framing. They feel by doing the framing they can offer the customer a quality framed fine art print at an affordable price.

She has been juried to paint for:

  • Michigan Ducks Unlimited
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Wildlife Habitat Canada
  • Ducks Unlimited Inc. and
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada.
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