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About the Art

Originals are the work of the artist, produced by one's own mind and thought. It is the work of the artist produced with brush and paint, put onto canvas, paper, masonite etc... It is one of a kind, there is only one original, thus making it more valuable.

Limited edition prints are copies made up from an original. In this way more people can afford and appreciate the work of the artist. Limited means only a certain number are produced. The artist signs and numbers each print after production.

Artist proof prints are the first approved prints off the press to determine clarity, quality, and color. They are thoroughly examined by the artist, signed and numbered.

Open edition prints have no limit to the number of prints printed.

Remarqued prints are signed, numbered and have a one of a kind small drawing put on at the time of signing by the artist.

Printing: There are several ways to print or reproduce art.

One of them is Giclee' (pronounced "zhee-clay"). This method was developed in France. It was used by the "Louvre Museum" in Paris to substitute originals that were too fragile to exhibit. The word Giclee' is French meaning to spray and is the registered trade name of the Iris printer. The images are scanned and stored digitally for the computer. Each image is sent to the printer separately.

This gives the image the look and feel of the art especially when printed on canvas.

Another method is the Offset Lithograph. A transparency is made from the artwork and used to reproduce onto paper. Lithographs are made one at a time, in a batch of whatever number is preferred. Generally the lower the number of prints, the more valuable.

Wood Carvings:  Some of the woods used are tuepelo, basswood and jeletong.

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