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2022 Christmas Ornaments

A variety of hand painted wooden ornaments!

$45.00 + tax each

"Everyone's Friend" Gray Jay

They love for you to share your lunch!

7" x 5"  Original Acrylic on Ampersand Board, Barnwood Frame

$135.00 + tax

"Burst of Orange!" Baltimore Oriole

A cresendo of colour!

7" x 5", Barnwood Framed, Acrylic Original on Ampersand Board

$135.00 + tax

"Denizen of the Forest" Boreal Chickadee

Making caches from spruce tree needles.

Acrylic Original on Ampersand,  7" x 5"

$135.00 + tax

"Welcome to My Nest" American Robin

Please come and enjoy!

Original Acrylic on Ampersand  7" x 5"



"Sassy" House Wren

Stay away from my berries!

Original Acrylic on Ampersand  7" x 5"

$135.00 + tax

"Oil Fields" Tanks, Canola & Flax

A common sight here in Western Saskatchewan!

20" x 10" Acrylic Original on Wrapped Canvas

$525.00 + tax

"High Fliers!" Purple Martins

Paired Up!


12" x 9"  Acrylic Original on Ampersand Board, Barnwood Frame

$ 425.00 + tax

"Silent Observer" Great Gray Owl

Original Oil on Canvas 14 x 18, Barnwood Frame


"Little Show-off!" Mountain Bluebird

Perfect Vantage Point!

Original Acrylic on Ampersand Board  5" x 7" Barnwood Frame


$135.00 + tax

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