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"Silent Observer" Great Gray Owl

Original Oil on Canvas 14 x 18, Barnwood Frame


"Little Show-off!" Mountain Bluebird

Perfect Vantage Point!

Original Acrylic on Ampersand Board  5" x 7" Barnwood Frame


$135.00 + tax

"On a Wire" Eastern Kingbird

Wants to be the King!

Acrylic Original on Ampersand Board,  5" x 7"

Barnwood Frame


Cards Available

$175.00 + tax

"Feel the Warmth!" Gold Finch

Happy Day!


Acrylic Original on Ampersand Board, 5" x 7

Barnwood Frame


Cards Available

$175.00 + Tax

"Blossoming Beauty" Black-capped Chickadee

"Happy spring!"

Acrylic Original on Ampersand Board, 5" x 7"  Barnwood frame 

Cards available

$175 + tax

"Sweet, sweet, sweet!" Yellow Warbler

Sweet song!

Acrylic Original on a wrapped canvas  4" x 4" with a mini easel

$45.00 + tax

"Little Drummer" Downy Woodpecker

It's springtime again!

5" x 10" Acrylic on a wrapped canvas


"Notice Me!" Red-winged Black Bird

This is my territory!

Acrylic Original on a wrapped canvas, 10" x 20"

$525.00 + tax

"Boho Spunk" Bohemian Waxwing on a Russian Olive Branch

9" x 12" Oil Original on Ampersand Board



"High Rise" Least Chipmunk

A Long Way Up!

5" x 10" Acrylic Original on a Wrapped Canvas


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